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Some news in brief

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Specimen Kites - October 2018


Recently acquired was this Somaliland Specimen set with all but the 1a showing the variety: Kite & vertical log, (confirming our entries for these values in our Pioneer Plates table) and, (due to the apparent methodical way of assembling specimen sets), suggesting a different plate for the 1a in the table. One of seven possible such sets.

Recent realisations – October 2018


Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

India 3½a showing Bird on Parapet flaw gu

Hong Kong unaddressed FDC

S Rhodesia 3d Waterlow specimen

8c on Straits Settlements dedicated illustrated FDC  - scan

Omnibus (249) mh plus original album

Bermuda 2½d b/4 + defin 6d on censored airmail cover - scan

Australia 2/- amongst 5/- total  on airmail to Germany

Straits 12c, 5c pr + defin 10c on optician's airmail to Java

Hong Kong set on FD piece

Australia set & Anzac set on reg air cover to UK

India torn 1a used to seal postage free cover Quetta arr. - scan

Omnibus, less Egypt, mnh













Red Book – September 2018


Following the inclusion of Aden’s sub-offices, the

new Gibbon’s Part One lists the denominations

of Indian SJ stamps noted for them, as follows:


Kamaran: ½a, 1a, 1¼a.        Perim: ½ a, 8a.


As far as prices go, the mint omnibus has risen to

£1600 and a number of varieties are up. Prices

have been established for these used varieties:


Basutoland 13h, Fiji 242i, Gambia 143c &144c,

Jamaica 117b, Malta 210b, Sierra Leone 181c &

183c, Trinidad & Tobago 239c & d.


Fallers include Hong Kong mint set (by £10) and,

once again, the St Vincent 1d used.


Over-fed Seals on eBay – September 2018


A couple of dubious Egyptian seals recently

appeared on eBay. Not till they arrived did their

dimensions, 25% more than normal, betray that

they were obviously not genuine. But that they

were perforated, they might well have been cut

out of an auction catalogue’s illustrations. Upon

re-listing, the word “reproduction” appeared.


Hong Kong FDC - August 2018


Gary Loew noted this Hong Kong illustrated registered FDC to London in John Bull’s December auction.

Starting bid was 1,500 HKD. Hammer price was 9,000 HKD.

Jamaica perforation query - August 2018


The unusual perforation on this Jamaica 1d prompted speculation that perhaps De La Rue had perforated the Bradbury printed supplies before preparing the Jamaica booklets.


However, the consensus amongst those at a study circle meeting was that the stamp had been re-perforated…but to what purpose?

Press release – August 2018


John Cooper has sent a picture of an Overland China Mail issue bearing the local newspaper rate of 2c and 10c as a late fee, cancelled San Tin 14 Sp 38. John adds that the late fee is not previously recorded for San Tin and that the cancel San Tin postdates Proud by 4 years & 4 months.