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BC 01

L-R: Cecilia Finch, Rosa Ainscough, unknown, Margaret Finch

Margy Finch is sure the "unknown" is a friend called Mina Jones. Taken in the Isle of Man.

Also that the date was 1938. What a memory!

AF 01

Finch family at Westwood. L-R Standing: Grandpa Craven, The maid, Thomas Finch, Father O’Reilly, Uncle Frank. Seated: Uncle Charlie, Aunt Flo, Grandma Craven, Grannie Finch (nee Craven), Aunt Lily with baby?

Paul Bridges emailed the following details: 1889 - Finch family visiting Craven family at Westwood, Clayton Green. Standing: John Craven (1824-1898), The maid, Thomas Finch (1844-1932), Father O’Reilly, Francis Bede Craven (1871- ?). Seated: Charles Benedict Craven (1869-1944), Elizabeth Craven (nee Hayes) (1830-1909) wife of Thomas, Grannie Finch (nee Craven) ?, Elizabeth Finch (nee Craven) (1864- ?), Thomas Finch (1889 - ?). NB. Grannie Finch could be Mary Ellen Finch (nee Craven) (1854-1949) sister of Elizabeth, but why was she called Grannie and not Aunt? Mary Cuffe (nee Craven) writes that she “...Looked at the 1901 census and the nursemaid/servant at Westwood was a Theresa, aged 15. who I remember as being the lovely lady in the kitchen who was always baking or looking after the dog - Gilly?” (That would make Theresa a three-year old at the time of the photo so I guess the maid is Theresa’s predecessor).

BC 02

Port Erin          L-R      Francis Ainscough, unknown, Gerry Ainscough

Tony Frey (who has the original photo) says that the “unknown” is a Mr Baxter

MF 01

At Burgh Hall, June 1933

Seems to be L-R, foreground: John Ainscough, Margaret Kevill, George Finch, Joan Finch, unknown...

Elizabeth Mackenzie points out that, to the right of Joan Finch are Miggs Sidgreaves (nee Ainscough) and Carmella Finch.

BC 03

1946 L-R: Margaret Finch, Wilf Cuddy, Cecilia Finch, Rosa Ainscough, Gerry Ainscough, Francis Ainscough, Joseph Ainscough, Edith Cuddy, Jane Ainscough, Kathleen Cuddy, unknown, Annie Hamilton, Edna Cuddy.

SG 01

Ainscough’s- presumably L-R: John, Miggs, Francis, Paul, Ossie and George

BC 04

Seems to be Delph pond but who is the fisherman?

NK 01

Postcard format reverse

Photo located at Moorside Farm, Caton

PB 32

photo:J Monk, Preston 1879?

Children of John Rigby (1828-1879) & Elizabeth Ainscough (1825-1898 - aunt of Elizabeth Finch): Richard (1860), Mary Beatrice (1864), James (1865) and Ellen (1862)

PB 69

photo: Brown Barnes & Bell 1890?

Henry Finch ? (1839-1923 son of Thomas & Rose Finch), RC priest in Wavertree, Liverpool


The latter two are amongst a host of photos of Ainscough’s and Finch’s held by Paul Bridges which may be viewed at:


AS 01

Francis & George Ainscough

AS 02

Jenny Ainscough & Gerald

AS 03

Joe’s children

Appears to have been photographed in America

AS 04

Uncle Martin Ainscough

Appears to have been photographed in Preston

Young Martin thinks he’s seen this one before and believes it is his grandfather but will confirm with his dad.

AS 05

Tom Ainscough

Presumably too early to be Thomas the county cricketer

Richard Ainscough is sure this is his Grandfather, Tom

NK 02

No caption

Photo located at Moorside Farm - now with MTA. Could it contain Aggie & Kally & ..?

NK 02ex

No caption

Close-up from the above photo

AS 06

Dad aged 16

Thought to be grandpa John Ainscough with the inscription by auntie Miggs

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