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Fragmented Fiji


Fiji became a British colony in 1874. It is an archipelago of more than 330 islands, of which 110 are permanently inhabited. Thus many more cancels than that of its capital, Suva, can be found. Thanks to the collection of John Cooper, scans of several examples are given below.



The site of Fiji’s first post office is in its former capital, Levuka, which lies on the east coast of the isle of Ovalau. The 3d foreign rate on this cover to Pago Pago in American Samoa is cancelled P.O. Levuka for 13 Aug, and the cover carries a further such strike.



On the west coast of Viti Levu lies Fiji’s second largest city. The name means “Spear hit”, deriving from a duel between two chiefs. It is also known as “Sugar City”, lying as it does in the heart of a sugar cane belt. The sender of this cover to Oklahoma perhaps forgot that the U.S. had long since ceased to be part of the empire – hence the postage due.



This is the administrative centre of the third largest island, Taveuni. On this cover to the U.S., the 2d is supplemented with a 1d definitive for the foreign rate and they are each cancelled by Waiyevo cds for 15 Nov 35.



Situated on the delta of three rivers is the largest town in Vanua Levu. A 3d stamp, cancelled Labasa for 14 Nov 35, pays this cover’s foreign rate to France.


Suva Suva East

Also on Vanua Levu is the “hidden paradise of Fiji” – famous for its hot springs and also as a trading centre for copra. The empire rate of 2d, here on a cover to New Zealand, is cancelled Suva Suva East for 29 Jul 35.


Buca Bay

Again on Vanua Levu is this isolated area, but one which serves as a terminus for ferries to Taveuni.

Again at empire rate, this time to Australia, the cancellation is Buca Bay for the first day of issue, 6 May 35.



Back in Ovalau, a settlement in the tea growing area is the origin of this cover to New Zealand. The 2d stamp is cancelled with a P.O. Levuka cds, struck through with a straight line Davuka hand stamp, and the cover carries a further such strike.



Coconut farming is the main activity on this volcanic island in the Moala group. The 2d here, (the inland rate also being 2d), bears a straight line Totoya hand stamp. The cover to the Rabi Estate on Vanua Levu would have gone via the main island, judging by the Suva back-stamp (9 Jl 35).



This is a small settlement on the island of Kadavu. The 2d Jubilee stamp being the subject matter of this post card to U.K. might explain the sender’s overpaying the post card rate of 1½d. The stamp is cancelled with a straight line Richmond in violet.

Some other postmarks…


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