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The site for those interested in the stamp issues of the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V


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Nick Rand collection - February 2015

With eyesight trouble, Nick Rand is selling his Jubilees collection. Stuart Billington of Grosvenor informs us it will be sold in their March 11/12th auction (lots 1274-1349) and, on request, he will send complimentary catalogues to our readers. Alternatively, the catalogue will be available on Grovenor’s web site shortly.

Recent realisations - February 2015

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Mauritius serial margin 5, 12c on inland reg bicentenary cover


Hong Kong 3, 5 & 10c + defin 2c on cover to Japan


Falkland 4d on reg cover ex S Georgia 24 Ap 37!


Morocco Spanish set tied to cover by Larache cds for 18 Ap 36


Lundy “fantasy” 1 & 2p & 3d due on Dad’s Army cover


India 7.75a worth + fund label on wrinkled air cover, Karachi-Dorset


Falkland set on reg cover, S Georgia-Norway


Bermuda 2½d on cover to FDR & marked from his collection - scan


GB 1d on Ocean Penny Post illustrated FDC - scan


Falkland 1d b/4 & 2½d re-entry in pair on reg cover


Falkland specimen set


Hong Kong 5c x2 & 10c pr on reg OHMS cover to S Rhodesia


Swaziland set tied to piece by Gollel cds for 1 May 35! - scan


First printing Log - February 2015

Recently seen was a Leeward Islands specimen set in which the 1/- value showed the constant variety: ”Smudge to the left of the Round Tower” of Wv2A.2/5 and our table in the “Pioneer Plates” article has been amended accordingly.

A Gold Coast specimen 1d seemed to show an embryo version of the “Two Swans” variety but a plate 3 is already listed in the table.

Site redesign - January 2015

With the prospect of changing our computer programmes and asking for comments, Ed Hughes replied: “The only remark about the web site I would offer would be to see if its possible that the site can be accessed by older operating systems (e.g., Windows 7) as well as newer versions of Windows. I just bought a new computer and was told that some of the newer Windows versions (8.1?) require something called an emulator to open some of the programs from Windows 7. I bought a Windows 7 operating system in order to preserve my access to some of the programs I had purchased in the past.”

Weary Hong Kong plates - December 2014

Amongst conversations about serial numbers, Gary Loew sent this scan, saying: “In light of our previous conversation on SJ plate numbers, I thought I'd pass along this scan from an upcoming auction: site=1&sale=14&lot=2763&lang=1

But for the occasions of part sheet numbering, these look to have come from last few sheets of the Hong Kong issue to be printed.

Dry-eyed Princess - December 2014

Bruce Davies reports acquiring a complete sheet of the 1c Canada where the ”Weeping Princess” flaw has been removed, making her “...look like she has deep shadows under one eye”.

He was told that the flaw was corrected before the issue date but that the previously printed sheets with the flaw were included with the distribution.

AJA February 2015