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De La Rue 2A variety - July 2015

Daren Speake has written about a mark on the St Helena 2d. At first glance it appeared to be an embryo version of Rv2B.8/3. A closer look revealed that, instead of a dot, it was akin to an italic “A” and, instead of straddling a line of shading, it lay between two such lines.

Daren then sent scans of further examples, including a marginal block - clearly indicating its location as Rv2A.10/5.

Although there seems little doubt the flaw is constant, further observations would be most welcome.

Daren reports there are none of the horizontal lines associated with the selvedge below this stamp.

Recent realisations - July 2015

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Straits 25c uprating 2c ps pc airmailed (KLM) to Belgium - scan


Straits 12c + defin. 10c on airmail cover to Medan (N. Sumatra) - scan


S. Rhodesia 6d + S. Africa revenue 6d on Standard Bank draft


Cyprus 1½pi showing Kite & Horizontal log, mh


India ½a + air 12a on airmail cover to S. Rhodesia


Cyprus 2½pi x2 on reg. Paphos cover to Czechoslovakia via Port Said


GB 2½d strip/4 on cover to Rome, sent airmail & Express Delivery - scan


South Africa ½d pair on FDC to Malta


Becuanaland 6d & 1d on registered cover to Switzerland


S.A. single ½d on a local mourning cover entire


BF Egypt 1pi (undeclared narrow stroke to N var) on damaged cover (pp no.13)


Canada 1c imperf pair with diagonal crease


Swaziland 6d, 2d & 1d on OHMS cover to Honolulu


GB Perfins - June 2015

Jeff Turnbull reports that this recently acquired front will represent a new entry to the Perfin Society web site: 7list.pdf

It shows 1d & definitive 1/2d, both perfinned PL (Prince Line) tied by boxed Paquebot Trinidad h/s with Port of Spain cds for 7.45am Au 12 35.

Canada Proofs - June 2015

Bruce Davies reports acquiring two sets of original photographic essays of the Canada set from the printer’s sample book.

They are on stiff kraft paper and notated with die numbers and preparation dates.

The upper set show unaccepted designs, each of which has slight differences from the accepted designs below.

Nottinghamshire meet - June 2015

A small but productive meeting was held on 14th June - magnificently hosted by Sharon and John Cooper.

Shown here with John are fellow Study Circle members Nick Levinge (left) and Chris Moss (centre).

New Hebrides Paquebot - June 2015

Following our March 2012 report in these columns, it would now appear that the cover depicted then is not unique. John Cooper reports that the cover shown here (which bears the same Hong Kong 20c denomination and tied by the same New Hebrides Paquebot cancellation for 3 Aout 1936, but to a different address), was sold for £536.

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