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The site for those interested in the stamp issues of the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V


Study Circle - A page of  details about the King George V Silver Jubilee Study Circle.

Current Offers- For many Silver Jubilee items currently available.

Recent Articles- This month’s jottings on some aspects of the Silver Jubilee issues.

Research Notes- Currently assembling postal rates of the period.

Handbook Update- Amendments to: “Silver Jubilee of King George V stamps handbook”.

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Crown Circle cancels - July 2014

Just as we were thinking that Dr Sudevan’s reported use of a Crown Circle to cancel an Egyptian seal might be a one-off clerk’s mistake, along comes another example.

This time it is CC No. 23 but again there is the retta cancel as well. It sold for £107.10.

Recent realisations - July 2014

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Hong Kong illustrated FDC  - scan


British Guiana set on FDC addressed to the King


St Kitts Nevis Westminster FDC


Morocco Ag. Sp. set on FDC - undeclared Madame Joseph


Bechuanaland set FDC - low dash before 6 as M. Joseph pmk


GB set on toned Westminster FDC


Mauritius 12c x2, defin 2c on 4c ps cover, reg to London - scan


N Rhodesia 1d, 3d & 6d on airmail cover Nkana to Palestine


N Rhodesia 6d pair on airmail cover Nkana to Latvia


Hong Kong 5c x4 on cover, Sheung Wan to Haiphong - scan


S.W. Africa set in blocks/4 on reg. FDC Windhoek to London


S.W. Africa set in pairs on reg. FDC Windhoek to Bristol


Somaliland set on FDC addressed to the King


Additions & Amendments - June 2014

POSTAL RATES. Included now are the rates for Bermuda.

SERIAL NUMBERS. Offered via eBay was this Gambia cover with the 1½ d bearing a two-digit serial number and our table atMore between the sheetshas been amended.

Lightning strikes Gilberts - April 2014

Bruce Davies reports acquiring a Lighning Conductor variety (the Bv3,2/5 one) on the 1d value of Gilberts & Ellice. A Gibbons listing is expected.

Bruce has also acquired some die proofs: Frames of Ceylon (8/12/34 ex De La Rue archives, requisition No. 7231- “Not appd” - scan) & Mauritius sets. Also the Canada designs (below) used for both stamps & the $25 bill.

AJA April 2014