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Montserrat variety - June 2015

Giorgio Migliavacca has been carrying out a detailed study of Montserrat, revealing a number of flaws. Amongst them is this “Flag from Henry III tower” at position 4/6 (presumably plate 4)on the 1d value, but also with perhaps an embryo version showing on the 1½d value, (2nd illustration). Readers observations would be most welcome.

Grenada variety - June 2015

Recently to hand was this Grenada shilling value showing a mark resembling the “Bird by turret” of Wv7.1/5, except that plate 7 isn’t usually associated with this value.

Has anyone else come across such examples?.

Recent realisations - June 2015

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Gambia set on reg a/m cover to Simonstown via Stutgart - scan


Fiji 1/-, 3d + defins on 1/10 rate a/m OHMS cover to UK - scan


GB 1d x2 on cover tied Carlisle-Edinburgh Sorting Carriage


Cayman Islands ½d full sheet u/m


S Africa marginal l/m set in pairs, all showing Cleft Skull variety


India 3½a fu showing Bird on Parapet flaw


Ascension mm set with 1½dd showing Kite & Horizontal Log flaw


Somaliland 1a x3 cancelled Sheikh or Zeila


HK 10c uprating 20c ps reg envelope (large) ex Kowloon - scan


HK set on illustrated last day of issue cover


Cyprus set, each with clear Prodhromos cancels


Nyasaland  2d on cover to Mlanje with TPO South cancel


HK 5c Extra Flagstaff in b/4 on local cover with fake cancels


GB Perfins - May 2015

Jeff Turnbull, (whose article, “Security Punch”, appears in this edition), has written to inform us that a new updated version of the GB S/J catalogue for perfins is now to be found on the Perfin Society web site:

Jeff adds that this updated version covers much more detail and, hopefully, readers will be able to add to it. Contact addresses for new information are on the pages listed.

Sheet serial number - April 2015

A recently noted eBay lot showed a Bahamas 6d value with a four-digit box serial number, (0001), and so our table at: “More Between the Sheets” has been amended accordingly.

K.U.T. Specimens - February 2015

Bruce Davies reports acquiring a Specimen set of Kenya Uganda & Tanganyika in the fashion of those of the Bechuanaland authority but with two hand-stamped “Specimen” imprints, (one violet, one black), besides the perfin impression.

AJA June 2015