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The site for those interested in the stamp issues of the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V


Study Circle - A page of  details about the King George V Silver Jubilee Study Circle.

Current Offers- For many Silver Jubilee items currently available.

Recent Articles- This month’s jottings on some aspects of the Silver Jubilee issues.

Research Notes- Currently assembling postal rates of the period.

Handbook Update- Amendments to: “Silver Jubilee of King George V stamps handbook”.

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Cocos-Penang cover - Sept. 2014

A rare Cocos (Keeling) Islands cover has just been acquired by John Cooper.

Further details can be found in our current article: “Straddling the Straits”.

Recent realisations - September 2014

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

BF Egypt page inc. SJ pair - one mm, one um 


GB 2/6 postal order


S Rhodesia 6d pair + 3d defin. fiscal use on affidavit


Australia 2/- on tatty registered airmail cover to Greece


GB 2½d on Tristan da Cunha cover to UK


HK s/n set + 2c defin. on RAF carried reg. cover to China - scan


Falkland Is set on FDC ex S. Georgia


British Forces in Egypt um


Br. Guiana set on illustrated (BG dedicated) FDC


Basutoland 1d bisect on cover tied Mohales Hoek - scan


Straits set + 4c defin uprating 4c pps cover to HK tied Penang cds


HK 10c on OHMS cover “By British Packet only” to RAF Egypt


Cyprus 1 & 2 on reg. cover to Egypt ex Troodos Rest Camp - scan


Data additions - August 2014

SHEET SERIAL NUMBERS. A Seychelles 12c with a two digit number has been noted and the “More between the sheets” table has been amended accordingly.

FIRST PRINTING LOG. A single 2d Nigeria, perfinned Specimen and showing the vairiety of Wv2A.2/5 was listed on eBay, and serves to confirm the existing entry at “Pioneer Plates”.

Bogus Tristan pair - July 2014

To those recording Tristan da Cunha serial numbers, this pair of halfpennies are 5 & 6. The vendor believed them to be a unique pair [?]. He added the note: “36 of each of the 1/2d and 1d George V Silver Jubilee stamps were overprinted at the request of Reverend Harold Wilde who was reportedly on leave in England from Tristan for the 1935 Jubilee celebrations. It’s believed the stamps were never used on the island, but given to friends as souvenirs”.

Bahawalpur sheetlet - July 2014

Following an earlier query as to details of this sheetlet, a recent offering had a caption which included: “This sheetlet of 4 stamps was issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George 5th. This is a very unique [?] sheetlet with Perf.12. It was a local private multi-color printing done by offset process. It’s status was not verified whether it was an official issue or not (Listed by Ronwood in his book on Bahawalpur)”.

AJA September 2014