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Canada Proof Flaw - December 2014

Bruce Davies reports acquiring a Canadian 13c proof pair which, with the “shilling” flaw, must be a very rare item. He has spoken to experts who reckon 3 to four of these could exist. Apparently this example had stayed in someone’s collection for 40 years. According to the Vincent Graves Greene certificate, the pair has been given the Scott’s specialized number 216b/216i.

Recent realisations - September 2014

Recent eBay realisations (in £) include the following:

Nigeria 1½d x2 on back of 3d reg cover to Germany tied Mamfe Cameroons


Samoa perf 14x14.5 marginal block/4 mnh


GB 1d type III o/p “cancelled” twice but unpunched


GB voucher booklet ed. 303 with 2 full cancelled 1½d panes - scan


Jamaica specimen set with 1½d showing extra flagstaff - scan


Br Honduras 5c half sheet, serial no.1424 next to stamp 6/6


Straits 12c on illustr. cov. to Roumania via Egypt tied Singapore 6 My - scan


India 1a, ½a & defin 4a x2 on air & Vienna pneumatic mail censored cover


Falkland marginal 4d to Glasgow tied Fox Bay Sp 15 36


Ceylon booklet (6c, 8/35) missing one pane


Fiji ½d aniline red block/4 mint


GB ½d b/4 + defin ½d on Tristan da Cunha cover to USA


Falkland 2½d full sheet


Chips with everything - November 2014

Whether these flaws are the result of paper inclusions or general detritis around the printing machine, the seller didn’t disclose. Your emailed theories as to the cause or causes would be welcome. Bear in mind that they are not all from the same printer.

Falkland Islands 4d

Straits Settlements 25c

Sierra Leone 5d

Sheet Serial Numbers - November 2014

An eBay offering indicated a part sheet numbering (opposite stamp 6/6) of the Somaliland 1 rupee. Our table at “More between the Sheets” has been amended accordingly.

As if to emphasize Trinidad and Tobago’s sheet numbering regime (of progressing from 1 to 50 and then repeating the sequence”), this item bearing two corner marginal blocks of the 6c, both numbered 11, appeared on eBay.

Another eBay offering showed a serial number corner block of the Fiji 2d where a paper fold appears to have occurred after the stamps’ printing and perforating but before the application of the sheet numbering box.

Short of a Prussian Blue? - October 2014

Geoff Locke has let us know that he has one available. He describes it as unmounted mint, slight gum toning, with certificate. He wants £7,000 clear. Geoff can be reached at:

AJA December 2014